What is a redemption offer?

A redemption offer is a special offer promoted by a supplier which runs for a limited period of time. For example it could be a free attachment for a mixer, or a capsule credit for a coffee machine. This gift won’t be delivered with your order. Instead you will need to redeem it directly from the supplier. Occasionally we may supply an additional gift with a product as well as the supplier’s promotion. This will be sent out with your order.

How do you claim a redemption offer?

Until recently the only way to redeem an offer was by filling in a form and posting it to the supplier. You would then have to wait for it to be processed and the gift sent out to you. In some cases this could take up to six weeks.

Today, most offers are redeemable by filling in an online form on a supplier’s website (or their own dedicated redemption website). This makes the whole process both quicker and more efficient. It normally involves providing contact info, details of the product purchased (model, serial number etc), where your product was purchased and proof of purchase. Once the supplier has received and processed this information they will send you the free gift directly (in some instances this can still take up to 28 days). Another benefit is that you will receive confirmation that your application has been received.

It is worth noting that you only have a limited period of time after the promotion has ended to redeem your free gift. We would recommend that you get this done as soon as you have received your order to avoid disappointment. Applications after the end date won’t be accepted.

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